Sleeping Giant Awoken - Is The Rap War Over?

This whole blog is about the basic tenet that only trendsetters and innovators have losers. Losers, trolls, haters, shit-talkers, whatever you want to call them, don’t have much going for them and they’re miserable about it! Their many flaws are painfully apparent and their inadequacies manifest themselves in obsessive, destructive behavior targeted at the one person or the one group that’s making their dreams reality. That hate, that envy, that whatever the flaw may be, consumes their lives. Usually haters don’t make it, but sometimes they can ride a little wave, kinda like Machine Gun Kelly rode just as long as it took for Eminem to cut and master his rebuttal track.

I like MGK. I like the tats and even though I don’t necessarily the feud, I’m guessing it’s based largely on a case of the have’s and the have-nots. Rap Devil is a solid song about a rising star’s frustrations over what the established act has. That having been said, Kelly goes places that on his track that truthfully cross the line. Not taking a joke, hiding behind security, and even digs on his beard, sweatsuits, or the quality of his music - all fine. The fact Kelly attacked a person’s daughter or a person’s personal battles with addiction, shows this was more than just a knock. Eminem’s rebuttal was swift, decisive, and equally outrageous.

I can’t speak on Spotify or iTunes numbers, but based on YouTube, both Eminem and MGK have around 117 million views each on their respective tracks on the Official Worldstar channel. It would appear that “Rap Devil” and “Killshot” are neck in neck, but they’re really not. Eminem wrecked MGK.

One of the biggest controversies in baseball, is when Babe Ruth pointed at a spot in the outfield, hit a homerun, and nailed the ball exactly in the area he had pointed at moments prior to pitch. Some argue The Babe was just waving at fans, but others point to just what as BADASS the guy was!!

When Eminem titles a track “Killshot” and just two days after it drops, MGK is waving the white flag on The Breakfast Club - that’s dominance. I mean, also bare in mind that Killshot has a line implying that P Diddy (MGK’s backer) was complicit in the murder of Tupac. Eminem insists it was done in fun and Combs claims he’s going to “handle” Eminem, but he’s not gonna do shit - he can’t. If I was P Diddy, the second MGK waved the white flag, I would’ve dropped him from my label. If you start a war and then bow out the second one battle doesn’t go your way, that’s weak. Maybe I’m being a hater now, but I don’t think so. I’m observing a reality and sharing my thoughts.

The good news is, this isn’t the 90’s, and we’re not dealing with artists from the streets. Neither Eminem or MGK rely on street cred to be successful. If they do, it’s news to me. Eminem may have come a very rough hood, but he wasn’t a shot-caller there, he was simply an inhabitant. There’s a huge difference between where a guy like Easy E came from and who he was in that place and where a guy like Eminem is and what role he played in his former stomping grounds. In the 90’s, the feud between Pac and Biggie caused a whole break in the genre. Different acts got into it, then acts from different labels, then club owners, it was a real conflict. This is just a couple of urban poets jabbing each other over the internet.

So here’s the question, who is the sleeping giant? Based on this feud, most would think the title refers to Eminem. MGK might have bitten off more than he can chew, but couldn’t the same be said about Eminem with Puffy?

I don’t think the Bad Boy mogul will do anything for two reasons. For starters, he has far too much to lose and all eyes are on him (no pun intended). The second reason is because this isn’t his first rodeo. Combs has been dealing with trolls before trolling was a thing. He’s well acquainted with haters, bums, losers and talentless hacks lookin to get any kind of notoriety, any kind of attention based on trying to take jabs at him or drag Bad Boy Entertainment into a war. It’s a different era, with different people. The players in the 90’s were hard; being signed to a label was like being a soldier in an army - a very rich, powerful, and glamours army, but an army nonetheless, MGK sips enemy vodka and admittedly won’t even take the Puff’s calls, just shows that loyalty went out the window. It’s all about money now.

In summation, Losers Don’t Have Haters.