Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Weight Watchers Becomes "WW"

This is hardly news, but all the hits have certainly helped "WW," with its shares going for $72 a pop.

Weight Watchers is yet another, of many, weight-loss programs people rely on to lose weight. Much like Atkins, South Beach, and SlimFast, "WW" offers its subscribers a structured meal plan. Whereas Atkins advocates low carbs, SlimFast favors low fat, "WW" opts for high protein. The system has a point system that's unique in it's own ways. WW does not look at calories, rather points, and a person could technically horde on certain foods, though never reach an actual point threshold. For example, oranges, peaches, and mangoes have been called Zero Points Foods. Therefore, someone could technically eat 2-3 mangoes, but that wouldn't count towards their daily value. The idea three fructose-loaded mangoes won't impact weight is pretty hokey. Absolutely everything we eat - has calories - but some systems say calories don't matter. Ok?..

Weight-Watchers, unlike many of its rivals, also has storefronts. This adds a social component, as well as a support aspect that many other programs don't have. The idea of attending meetings is something akin to AA and NA, creating a crutch for those looking to reach their transformation goals. Something about that though, just seems a little wrong to me. This isn't a room full of recovering addicts, sitting in damn near darkness, sipping coffee and eating pastries. This is a paid weight loss program where the caring ends once the money stops coming in. That seems pretty f*cked up to me.

In terms of business, WW acts a lot like giant supplement companies in the fitness industry. For example,  "WW" has also inked major celebrities to represent them. A who's who of superstars have lent their names and likeness to the international venture, including Oprah Winfrey, Charles Barkley, and others. Oh yeah, it's not just the United States, this cult, I mean this movement is international and the money keeps pouring in!!

The only approach that truly works is sound nutrition, not taking any macro to the extreme, drinking plenty of water, exercising and resting. It's A LOT easier said than done. It's not glamorous - if anything - it's pretty basic. Nonetheless, fad diets will always be with us and companies will line up to profit off of them.

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