Tuesday, September 18, 2018

You Can Go Pro - NATURALLY!

It Can Be Done, the question is, can you do it?!

Bodybuilding is not an easy sport; it's not a cheap sport; it's a very selfish sport. I'm not a bodybuilder per se. I lift, I love being strong, and in my mind, with the right playlist, and enough of a sense of accomplishment after a grueling set, there have been times I've thought of myself as a bodybuilder, albeit largely in fantasy.

Mr. Universe, R.D. Caldwell Jr., is the true embodiment of a bodybuilder. He's been working his whole life towards going all the way to the top of the NPC, earning IFBB Pro League status, and then competing with the best in the world. In addition to being a top tier athlete, he's a coach, personal trainer and contest prep authority, a minister, and an accomplished member of the media. He's also a highly sought after guest poser, at a time when guys think guest posing is simply oiling up and draggin around a stage for 30 seconds to a minute, then giving some fluff speech, before dashing for the door. R.D. is an old school cat that gives the promoters, the photographers, and the fans exactly what they came for - a world class production and nothing short of it!! This is why he's so busy and why there comes a point in time where he literally has to start saying no. If human cloning were a thing, all we'd need is 1 R.D. Caldwell per NPC Zone and bodybuilding would be bigger than baseball and become more American than even apple pie!!

There's a lot about this champion that will make you pause and think about some pretty deep concepts. His faith in God is unmistakable, but he won't push it in your face. Anyone who crosses paths with R.D., will recognize a very positive aura about him; they will immediately recognize that he's someone walking in the light.

What a lot of people may not believe, is that R.D. has never used any sports enhancement supplements. He hasn't used anything that would dramatically increase muscle size, strength, or recovery. He's also never used anything to dry him out for the stage. He swears by natural, food-based supplements, hard work, determination and FAITH. He's never failed a drug test and he never will, but his word and the truth in his eyes trumps any urinalysis, blood test, or polygraph. There's scientific truth, which he has behind him, but there's also a much more powerful spiritual truth. I'm no one to judge the veracity of that second truth, but I can tell you that in my heart, R.D. is the real deal.

I really hope everyone enjoyed reading this article, in part because I want more people to know about the great many, cutting edge Natural contests in the NPC, and also to learn about some of the great all natural IFBB Pro League Pro's! It's one thing for someone to say Natural Bodybuilding is great, followed by silly wink or a lame chuckle, and it's quite another to say, "look, you see that hard as nails, symmetrical Pro Bodybuilder doing dips with 45lb plates chained to him? That's R.D. Caldwell Jr. and he's lifetime natty." See what I mean?

In the end, whichever road you take is entirely up to you, but there are, at the very least, two to choose from. Who knows, you could be the next R.D. Caldwell Jr.!! And what's crazy, is that if you ask R.D. for help, he'll reply to you, and he'll want you to succeed, because that's kind of person he is. This isn't my first article giving him props and it'll more than likely not be anywhere near my last. Be sure to look him up, say hello, and try to follow whatever tips or suggestions he gives you. Thanks for reading!!

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