Thursday, September 13, 2018

Welcome to the Losers Don't Have Haters Blog

Welcome to the very first post at - The Official Blogsite for !!! This will be my personal blog, where I talk about all issues on my mind. I will do my best to have weekly LIVE Guests, as well as put out at least one daily blog or vlog. I'd like to invite everyone to follow @Losers_Dont_Have_Haters on Instagram and also check us out on Facebook, by simply logging onto

Bodybuilding is the sport I know and love, so expect quite a bit of content on that, from insights on rising stars, current superstars, and plenty of content of the greats of the 60's, 70's, all the way to the 2000's.

Fitness, as far as I'm concerned, will deal more with exercise and health. When I write about fitness, I'll be looking more into nutrition and the general well-being of the mainstream public. I might talk about nasty school lunches, genetically modified tomatoes the size of watermelons, trans fats and/or how Big Pharma is actively trying to destroy CBD Oil for anxiety patients and/or Kratom for heroin addicts looking for a natural way to kick the habit that's ruined their lives.

For politics, there's a high likelihood I'll offend you. I'm a former Bernie Sanders delegate with a bad taste in my mouth about the Democratic Party; I also don't identify with the Republicans. I do love political rebels like Jesse Ventura, Noam Chomsky, Ralph Nader, & Ron Paul (just to name a few). I don't fit into boxes and I absolutely hate labels!

Creative people can't sit still. We're always creating something - whether writing essays, songs, or planning the next big project. Losers hate us and are obsessed with us, but we're too busy being awesome to pay them much mind. 

If you're a thinking person, you'll love this page.

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